Alida is an interactive Adventure Game. You explore the Island of Alida picking up clues along the way. Exploration is the key to solving Alida's puzzles.

How To Interact With Alida Game:
1.   Touch the screen to move forward.
2.   Swipe the screen left or right to change direction, or tap the left or right side of the screen.
3.   Swipe up or down to look above or below, or tap the top or bottom of the screen, where applicable.
4.   Touch objects to interact with them.

At the top of the screen you will see 3 buttons:

Home Icon
Skip Icon
Info Icon
Home IconHome:
Click the Home button to access the Home screen and direct access to the settings page as well as:

New:   Start a new game.
Open:   Launch a previously saved game.
Save:   Name and save a game.
Return:   Allows you to return to game.
Credits:   Displays the version number, credits and contact information.

Skip IconSkip:
To navigate quickly through Alida, engage the Skip Icon. This will turn green when activated. All long animations such as travelling on Transport Devices will be bypassed. Repetitive animations at machines will also be bypassed.

Info IconInformation:
The information button provides general facts about features available through settings, buttons and icons.

The Settings page:

Rocket ModeRocket Mode:
Switching Rocket Mode on will allow you to whizz through areas you have previously explored. A Rocket Icon will appear when you navigate through any discovered surroundings. Touch the Rocket Icon to transport you to your destination at high-speed.

Alida is a video game with transitions between scenes. Three transition modes are available:
Normal (Default)
These positions alter the speed, movement and effect of the linking scenes. To navigate around Alida faster, set transition position to None.

Image Smoothing:
To navigate around Alida faster, set the Image Smoothing setting to None. For better quality images, it is recommended to set the Image Smoothing setting to Smooth.

Alida is an immersive adventure complete with ambient sounds of surrounding environments. You can choose to turn off the ambience.

The music soundtrack for Alida is original, it enhances the mood and feeling of the story in its surroundings. The default setting for music is on.

Water Motion:
The water of oceans and bays are animated in Alida. In some circumstances, navigating around Alida will be faster if Water Motion is turned off.

Hints are enabled when you buy them as an in-app purchase. Turn on or off hints to receive help along your journey. Help will pop up on the bottom left hand side of the screen on the iPad, or as a dialog box on the iPhone. A small question mark will appear to reveal suggestive text that helps and guides you. The hints will not provide you with the solution; just a helping hand. Each hint is revealed one by one so you can control how much help you need.