Alida 2

An email to Juno from Arin:

"Since my 'captivating' visit to Alida a few years ago, I have been going back to the Alida island from time to time. As you are well aware I was imprisoned by Kivas, but thanks to a complete stranger sent to Alida by my resourceful wife, I was eventually set free.

I must admit that I am gravely concerned. The last time I ventured back to Alida, I was overwhelmed by the growth of the Water House experiment. It is growing at a faster rate than you or I had anticipated and it won't be long before it begins to consume the nearby structure of the guitar. My fear, is that it will undoubtedly collapse.

It was your idea to start the experiments with the Bi-Sphere devices and I need your help to try and stop the entropy. I believe it will grow exponentially - who knows what it will eventually consume.

I have drawn the approximate size of the entropy influence as it is at present in the diagram below, and I trust you will sense the urgency of the situation."

    - Arin

Alida entropy influence

"I have just been to Alida and seen the entropy influence for myself. Arin was right, we need to terminate this as soon as possible."

- Juno

"I have learned some details about the Bi-Sphere devices recently, and have managed to finally pry one apart - a small indentation on the back surface opens the device in a most graceful way, like a flower opening to greet the morning sun. The miniature machinery inside is not so easy to comprehend, I will need to hasten my study and experimentation.
On a positive note, I was able to build a crane arm that extends from outside the entropy influence to the entropy aperture. I'm hoping that I will be able to pass measuring instruments and cameras into the aperture itself."

- Juno

"I've had a disappointing day and have not progressed at all. I conveyed a small camera along the crane arm toward the entropy aperture, but to my astonishment the camera equipment melted when it was 2 or 3 centimetres from the aperture. The entropy influence is a source of intense heat but it seems only at very close range.
I'm beginning to suspect that the entropy influence is not a "space-time hole" as I had previously thought, but whatever the intention, it is powerful enough to alter gravity. I cannot learn any more from the entropy influence and the Bi-Sphere device mechanics are proving difficult to understand.
Perhaps I should go back to the actual Bi-Sphere and explore as much of it as possible for clues."

- Juno

Alida Bi-Sphere

Alida Bi-Sphere Control Platform

"The Bi-Sphere was my obsession while I was on Alida all those years ago, and now, I get the same overwhelming feeling when I enter the main outer shell. It was the right decision to venture back to the Bi-Sphere for answers.
The central array of Bi-Sphere devices levitate above a floor plate that has what I had thought to be a decorative pattern, but on closer inspection realise it is actually an indicator panel. The panel has 5 Bi-Sphere symbols in a circular array as I have sketched here.
In my curiosity, I touched one of the Bi-Sphere symbols and was surprised by a holographic image appearing above the panel. Looking at the hologram closely, it appeared to be a planet with detailed topography and a single highlighted geolocation. As I touched the other Bi-Sphere symbols, the same planet appeared but with different highlighted geolocations.
The hologram must be a planet as the topography confirms, but not of any planet I have observed. The Bi-Sphere has undoubtedly been laying here for a long period of time, possibly eons, so could the hologram be of Earth earlier in its history? The geolocations identify where other Bi-Spheres are stationed.

Nonetheless, the astounding conclusion is that there must be 4 other Bi-Spheres."

- Juno

"Arin joined me recently to help probe the Bi-Sphere for clues, but I expect he is here because of excitement in my recent discoveries. We have made progress in understanding why these ancient machines were built.
The Bi-Spheres were a refuge. We have come to this conclusion because of many evidence based reasons.

Arin and I had spent days trying to gain access inside the two internal spheres of the Bi-Sphere. It was not until Arin used an ultraviolet flashlight by mistake from his toolbox that we made an important discovery. There are subtle indentations in the metallic surfaces that are highlighted with icons under ultraviolet light. Even the Bi-Sphere devices light up with icons under ultraviolet light. These indentations are controls, and it did not take us long to discover the correct controls that revealed openings into the upper and lower spheres.

Arin and I took our first steps into the upper sphere with a powerful lamp lighting up the darkness. We saw many, many small translucent fibrous pods above us, filling the complete upper sphere. In some of these pods lay a few small skeletal remains, no doubt ancient, and we took some samples with us for dating. We peered down into the lower sphere but it was completely void with no fibrous pods as in the upper sphere, however we could see the same skeletal remains at the bottom in vast numbers.
The skeletal remains were of small sea creatures dated at around 800 million years ago, which suggests the spheres must have been filled with sea water.
The age of the Bi-Sphere is confirmed by the holograms produced by the floor plate indicator panel, showing earth as it was 800-850 million years ago at the start of the Cryogenian period. The topography displayed in the holograms are, however, of the ocean floor and not of the land. The land masses are featureless.

We believe the Bi-Spheres were inhabited by intelligent sea creatures which Arin and I have nicknamed 'Hermers', a whole society living in the upper sphere pods with their food supply in the lower sphere. It is reasonable to assume that humans are not the first intelligent species to arise on Earth. The Cryogenian period was a traumatic time for life as the Earth began to freeze completely from pole to pole. The type of intense heat that I had previously discovered generated by the Bi-Sphere devices was easily conductive in sea water, and it warmed the two life filled spheres, providing the Hermers with a home sheltered from the ice.
The Hermers were trying to survive 'snowball' earth. The five Bi-Spheres were their last attempt to survive the climate change they had no control over. They lived in the pods of the upper sphere surviving on their food (the skeletal remains) which they carefully nursed in the lower sphere.

The Hermers are long gone and even though Arin and I are hypnotised by these discoveries, we cannot allow the fascination to impede our quest to terminate the entropy on Alida."

- Juno

(to be continued ... )

The story for Alida Game 2 unfolds, the sequel is in development. Stay tuned for more news.