Alida 1

You're on a mysterious Island called Alida. You have been sent to explore its beauty and mystery. Here, an elaborate tale of scheming and tyranny unfolds. It defies all boundaries of human imagination.

Call upon your wits, your imagination and your brilliance. Every step of your journey might provide that all-important clue that reveals a hidden secret that resolves a puzzle. Each discovery, each new exploration, delivers new puzzles. As you solve these puzzles, it will lead you one step closer to undoing a wrong that has gone on for too long.

Alida 2

An email to Juno from Arin:

"Since my 'captivating' visit to Alida a few years ago, I have been going back to the Alida island from time to time. As you are well aware I was imprisoned by Kivas, but thanks to a complete stranger sent to Alida by my resourceful wife, I was eventually set free.