Alida - The Enigmatic Giant

Alida is a point and click, interactive graphical adventure game. The story centres around four young men in the band Alida that attained phenomenal success with their first CD release. Loads of money coupled with wild imagination resulted in the construction of "Alida" - the theme park.

(Alida was originally released in 2003)

What is Alida about?

It's an unusual place -

a giant guitar 330 metres long! But these guys didn't stop there - the guitar can actually be played
(assisted by machinery);
the internal workings of the guitar can be accessed and manipulated
(machine heads, switch, pots etc..)

As Alida was nearing completion things got complicated, their popularity was waning and money stopped coming in. Distrust set in. Each of the band members claimed different areas of Alida for themselves where they devised weird and elaborate systems to protect their wealth. They retracted from each other finally leaving Alida uninhabited.
Fifteen years later one of the guys is missing on Alida...

Five years in the making, the Alida world will captivate you with meticulous graphics, unique locations, intriguing puzzles, bizarre transportation machines, ornate objects, electronic imagery, tactile contraptions, massive constructions, animated natural elements and original music score.

Read Alida Reviews:

Four Fat Chicks Gold Star

'The graphics are a stunning accomplishment'

Inside Mac Games 8.25 / 10

'...this game is absolutely a triumph'

AdventureWorld 9 / 10

'Alida will take you on a journey you will never forget'

MacReviewZone 4.5 / 5

'Cos Russo has conjured up a minor masterpiece with Alida...'

Gameboomers A-

'There is a wonderful variety of sounds in Alida and they do much to make the gameworld come alive'

UHS-Hints 4 / 5

'Great graphics, detailed 3D rendered scenes, good animations, excellent music, and very challenging puzzles provide 20-30 hours of excellent gameplay'

Applelinks 5 / 5

'This is a game that rivals that of any mainstream publisher'

Quandaryland 4.5 / 5

'Alida does not feel skimped at all or rushed out - this is a fully developed game'

eToyChest 95%

'Alida is simply gorgeous...'

Mr Bill's Adventureland

'I had a grand time in this enormously engaging world and was reluctant to leave it at the end. I recommend it very highly indeed!'